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ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is a character recognition program, the full version can be downloaded for free. The program allows you to translate document images into editable electronic formats. Paper documents have two main problems: you cannot edit them easily, and they are delicate. ABBYY FineReader is designed to solve this problem by digitizing paper media. It can also handle PDF documents, giving you the freedom to do what you want with them.

ABBYY FineReader is an advanced program that uses OCR for scanning or photographs for text, layout, tables, and even document language. Results can be edited internally or exported to Word. Compatible with all scanners and cameras, ABBYY FineReader is extremely easy to use. It detects any connected devices, so you can scan in a document or select an image from your camera or your hard drive. Then the image is read and two windows are opened. One shows the original image and the other shows the digitized editable version. ABBYY FineReader’s performance is impressive. You can export files to PDF, DOC, XLS or HTML.

The program uses special patented algorithms to recognize text. Even using images of low quality, for example, images from cameras of mobile phones. The program recognizes and transforms the entire structure of the document. Photos, tables, pagination, and all other elements remain in their places. Therefore, now there is no need to reprint the document when you have an assistant in the form of ABBYY FineReader.

ABBYY FineReader free download

ABBYY FineReader features:

  • Fast work speed – it takes up to 15 seconds on average to recognize one spread or page;
  • A huge number of input file formats and file types to save;
  • Simple Russian-language interface;
  • Pocket scanners for iOS and Android devices;
  • Converting both selected pages and the entire document;
  • Machine learning system that improves the quality of recognition;
  • Advanced work with PDF documents – processing text, images, inserting individual pages and changing their order;
  • Digitization of documents in one click and their translation into editable formats;
  • Automation and the ability to process documents on a schedule;
    Comparison of documents.

Benefits of ABBYY FineReader:

  • The developer of ABBYY, provides periodic updates to its scanning utility, OCR;
  • Processing documents that have been photographed on a mobile device;
  • Simultaneous work with a batch of images or scans;
  • Availability of useful add-ons such as ABBYY Screenshot Reader and others;
  • The software automatically recognizes different languages ​​in one document;
  • High accuracy rates of optical recognition of text information;
  • Maintaining the original high quality image of documents;
  • Any current Windows system is supported, excellent performance with Microsoft Office editors;
  • Text data recognition program, saves content in an editable format;
  • There is a professional modification of the FineReader 12 software;
  • The application processes personal paper documents with high quality.

System Requirement:


  • for processing one-page documents — minimum 400 MB RAM, recommended 1 GB RAM.
  • processing multi-page documents — minimum 1 GB RAM, recommended 1,5 GB RAM.
  • for parallel processing — 450 MB RAM + 350 MB RAM for each core.

ABBYY FineReader free download

Free download of ABBYY FineReader, which supports both 32- and 64-bit versions. ABBYY FineReader is one of the most powerful OCR-enabled PDF management applications for interpreting the content of images and PDFs. Furthermore, it is an extraordinary programming for altering and changing over the PDF documents and gives more capacity to perceive message in the filtered pictures and PDF records. It contains many other incredible features like Pagination.



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