SONY Vegas Video Audio for professionals
SONY Vegas

Vegas (until May 2016 – Sony Vegas) is a family of professional programs for multitrack recording, editing and editing of video and audio streams from MAGIX and Sony. SONY Vegas is designed for video and audio editing. Vegas offers unlimited video and audio tracks, advanced audio processing tools. Sony Vegas is a fairly popular video editing software. Web developers, as well as creators of short films and TV series, belong to her with special tenderness and awe. After all, it is thanks to this editor that many of them earn their daily bread.

VEGAS gives you all the tools you need for professional video editing. Plus advanced HDR color grading, real-time streaming and sound design. Produce fast, high-quality edits while staying focused on your story. Work with a wide range of formats. Transform RAW high dynamic range video into unforgettable scenes. Apply effects to multiple video tracks on the timeline. Any effects applied to the adjustment track will be reflected on the video tracks.

Record, edit and mix camera audio with foley and natural sound. Smooth previews and fast rendering with GPU acceleration.


Sony Vegas features:

  • Video editing of content in real time;
  • Professional program Sony Vegas Pro, provides high-quality disc recording;
  • Installing updates from the developer’s official website;
  • You can create and edit colorful volumetric animation in 3D;
  • Ability to multitrack recording in high quality HD or conventional SD;
  • Ability to edit, edit and change video from cameras of several devices at once;
  • When processing audio streams, high performance audio processing;
  • Supports video editing optimized for the parameters of a specific device;
  • The current version of the program, to record Blu-ray Disc, as well as DVD;
  • The software supports drag and drop control;
  • You can download the Sony Vegas Pro version for Microsoft Windows for free;
  • Built-in crossfades, special effects are adjusted or applied automatically;
  • Ability to work in the complete absence of ambient sound, as well as full integration with audio files, subtitles;
  • Various sources of original content are supported: discs, camcorder, files, stream capture, screen capture.

SONY Vegas advantages:

  • Editing, video editing at a professional level, convenience of Vegas Pro for professionals;
  • The computer program supports full duplex operation – two in one;
  • It is possible to install plugins and modules that add innovative features;
  • Convenience of processing video, audio streams and other material on the timeline;
  • High quality sound recording is possible;
  • Reasonable system requirements of the product, the ability to use a multilingual menu;
  • Picture-in-picture function, indispensable when creating video tutorials using visual effects;
  • The ability to use hot keys to call various commands;
  • Easy adjustment of the color gamut of the image in the frame, the function of color correction of fragments;
  • Full support for import and export of video files in mp4, mpeg, avi and other popular formats;
  • Advanced high frame rate digital video rendering tools;
  • Built-in audio track processing functionality;
  • Light effects, special video effects, transitions and filters;
  • Opening gigapixel images;
  • In the Sony program, there are custom templates and options for editing, editing video, audio content, the option of synchronizing and mixing tracks;
  • The utility burns Blu-Ray discs and supports dual layer DVDs;
  • Convenient disk formatting through a special dialog box;
  • Sony Vegas software, recognizes a wide variety of video and audio formats;
  • The new version has an English / Russian interface.

SONY Vegas – video and audio for professionals

If you spend a few minutes exploring the features and options, you will never use another video editor again. Sony Vegas combines a vast collection of special effects with elegant simplicity. So, the dialog box is divided into two: one contains a video from the gallery, and the second contains a working project. Sony Vegas offers a huge number of video effects, fine-tuning the sound, working with clips shot on several video cameras, as well as tips for pasting and formatting videos. The program works with any of the existing video formats (both edits and creates). Moreover, after finishing work, you will be able to burn the result to Blu-Ray or DVD.

System Requirement:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: 2 GHz.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: Supports NVIDIA, AMD/ATI or Intel GPU.
  • Storage: 1500 MB available space.
  • Sound Card: Multi-channel sound card recommended for surround sound editing.

SONY Vegas for Video Audio Editing

  • Make the right choices according to your unique needs;
  • Perfect your video editing skills at any experience level;
  • Detailed tutorials, informative tips & tricks related to video editing, filming, and more.


SONY Vegas Video Audio Editing

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